5X Favela em Nova York

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A collaboration between The Museum of Modern Art and the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, the annual Premiere Brazil! festival introduces New York audiences to original and accomplished work by both new and established Brazilian filmmakers.

To celebrate the 10th edition of Premiere Brazil!, we proudly present exciting new works by filmmakers we have previously featured, including Eduardo Coutinho (the subject of a Premiere Brazil! retrospective in 2009), whose moving documentary Songs explores the most intimate meaning of the songs in our lives; Beto Brant’s third appearance, I’d Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips (co-directed with Renato Ciasco), a sensual melodrama set against a steamy Amazonian backdrop; Selton Mello, who premiered his first film in the 2009 edition, returns with the enchanting tragicomedy The Clown; Breno Silveira, whose Two Sons of Francisco screened in 2006; and Eryk Rocha, whose inspired debut, Passerby, builds on the promise of his short films from previous Premiere Brazil! incarnations.

Talented newcomers include Kiko Goifman and Claudia Priscilla, who debut with Look at Me Again, an astonishing documentary about Silvio Luccio, who was born a woman and became a man; and Vinicius Coimbra, whose Brazilian Western about redemption and revenge, Matraga, shows an impressive grasp of period filmmaking.

Special treats for the 10th anniversary include a restored print of Leon Hirszman’s beloved and much-awarded 1972 drama São Bernardo, as well as two films, made by five young directors, about life in the favelas: 5 x Favela, a collection of five fiction shorts about various aspects of favela-dwelling; and Peace in Rio, a documentary about the controversial social policing of the favelas. All films are from Brazil and in Portuguese with English subtitles. Films are New York premieres, and initial screenings will be introduced by the filmmaker. On Monday, July 16, “Film and Social Change: The Case of Rio’s Favelas,” a round-table discussion between artists, social commentators, and politicians that focuses on issues raised by these two films, takes place at The TimesCenter.

5 x Favela: Now By Ourselves. 2010. Brazil. Directed by Cacau Amaral, Rodrigo Felha, Luciano Vidigal, Cadu Barcellos, Luciana Bezerra, Manaíra Carneiro, Wagner Novais

Publicado em: http://www.moma.org/visit/calendar/films/1283. Acesso em 6/6/2012.

Sobre Cacau Amaral

Cineasta brasileiro. Direção em 5X Favela; 1 Ano e 1 Dia; Cineclube Mate com Angu; Sociedade Musical Lira de Ouro; Programa Espelho e Aglomerado. https://cacauamaral.com/
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